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Maria João Padrão, Clinical Psychologist PhD, Porto - Portugal
Member of the Portuguese Order of Psychologists
Clinical PsychologistPhD in Psychology by the Faculty of Psychology and Education – University of Porto
Psychotherapist  Licensed by the Portuguese Order of Psychologists
Sexual Therapist Licensed by the Portuguese Order of Psychologists
Senior Researcher at Faculty of Psychology and Education – University of Porto 
Invited Professor at the PhD Program in Psychology of the Faculty of Psychology and Education – University of Porto 
Specialist in Dance Movement Therapy and Non-verbal communication 
Specialist in Movement Analysis - Laban Institute – New York 
Post Graduation degree in Clinical Sexology 
Post Graduation degree in Couple Therapy 
Consultant of international scientific journals 
Maria João Padrão was the youngest PhD member from the Faculty of Psychology and Education, University of Porto (approved with Distinction by unanimity) and one of the youngest at University of Porto, having received a doctoral grant from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (SFRH/BD/47976/2008).
Her work and investigation focus on building an innovative approach in the treatment of several psychiatric disorders and conditions, namely Nervous Anorexia, through an unprecedented combination of psychological and philosophical perspectives and theory building and Art. The meshing of these areas, which have originated the evolution of the understanding of the psychological and experiential anorectic spectrum, and consequently of its treatment, have led to obtaining new results all over the world in treating anorexia and to the construction of an innovative theoretic approach, recognized and acclaimed by the international scientific community. Her work has been considered as a “significant contribution to the understanding of eating disorders” by the Psychology Progress - Center for Top Research in Psychology (2013) and she is queried as a specialist by professionals and internationally renowned scientific journals. Her investigation has been presented in different international congresses, namely the USA, Brazil (S. Paulo), Spain and in South Korea.